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Reaction Team (RT): Employee members of a unified volunteer force authorized to respond to emergencies and carry weapons in emergencies.

Security Force (SF): Non-employee contractors assigned to regular duties in the protection of life and property.

Company Security (CS): Full time management employees of the Company assigned to regular duties in protecting life and property. Authorized to direct Reaction Team and Security Force personnel. Includes Executive Protection Team members, all of whom are managers.

Collectively: Security Personnel (SP)

1) Human life is irreplaceable, unique and sacred and the protection of human life is of utmost importance to the Company.

2) The property of the Company is vital in national defense, in providing for employees honest work to support themselves and their families, and returning value to investors and shareholders.


All employees and contractors, whether SP or not, enjoy the basic human right of direct self defense. This carries with it the obligation and responsibility to act with restraint and mature consideration of consequences.

The privilege of access to weapons is at the discretion of Company Security through procedures, and may be restricted, amended or revoked at any time either individually or collectively.

Personal property of any nature, including firearms and ammunition but excluding hazardous materials, may be stored by the Company for affiliates. Receipts will be provided and items may be reclaimed on departure from the site and/or end of contract or employment.

The possession of a weapon carries with it great responsibility, as even when properly employed, weapons harm people and improperly employed can maim or kill. Therefore:

- misuse of weapons will be strictly dealt with
- failure to secure weapons will be treated as gross negligence, the actual loss of a weapon will be investigated and corrective action taken
- horseplay with weapons will not be tolerated
- the use of alcohol or intoxicants in connection with weapons will not be tolerated
- SP will meet all medical, background, and training requirements on pain of revocation

RT have emergency access to arms only when authorized and under the direction of SF or CS supervision. This includes training which is frequent and rigorous. When armed they must wear the prescribed uniform, vest, brassard or other identifying devices.

SF are authorized to possess arms according to procedures established by Company Security, and vary according to the nature of protective duties. Generally, SF line staff carry arms only in uniform on duty; SF supervisors and designated persons carry concealed arms only as authorized, and SF managers are authorized at all times.

CS possess arms according to their duties, openly or concealed, and are required to carry a firearm at all times except where doing so would pose a grave danger or is illegal (i.e. prisoner handling, air travel by common carrier). CS members are always on duty unless specifically placed off duty by their direct manager.

The use of deadly force is restricted to the preservation of human life from a deadly threat. Lesser means may be employed when effective, but risks to affiliate life must never be tolerated.

Warning shots are not to be used.

All gunfire directed at a human being shall be considered an intended use of deadly force to destroy that person, to immediately save the lives of others put in danger by the target's actions.

Accordingly, there is no such concept as 'shooting to wound.' Gunfire shall continue until the deadly threat is neutralized.

Restraint is required in dealing with helpless persons, including the gravely wounded and children, regardless of prior actions. Cruelty towards the helpless and prisoners will not be tolerated.

A credible threat of force will be treated as an actual use of that same level of force. This rule is 'mirrored.' In other words, a Company affiliate who issues a deadly force threat must be justified at that moment in using the force threatened and will generally do exactly that. By the same token, it must be taken for fact that an adversary making a credible threat will immediately follow through in that threat, and preemptive defensive action swiftly taken.

The deliberate destruction by gunfire of dangerous animals or objects, including engines and tires of moving vehicles, is permitted. This is not a general authorization to shoot at dogs or fleeing vehicles.

Deliberately striking a person with a moving vehicle over 5mph, with a vehicle equipped with wire or spikes, or to run over them with a tire or tread, is deadly force. Striking a person with a bumper is otherwise less lethal force.

The use of less than lethal force is permitted to protect Company property from theft, sabotage, intrusion or compromise. This force is to be controlled. When possible the least force is to be used consistent with achieving the defensive objective.

The Company will indemnify RT and CS personnel acting in defense of Company and affiliate lives and property.

SF will follow Company guidelines under the direct control of their own supervisors and managers. Except in emergencies, CS will avoid directing SF and work cooperatively towards the common goal of protecting affiliate life and Company property.

Generally, only SF will exercise powers of arrest, according to Company procedures. RT and CS may detain pending SF arrival.

An intelligent enemy acts in anticipation of responses. In the resulting "arms race," meeting force with equal force alone is dangerous and leads to predictability, tolerance of outrageous provocation, and ultimate defeat.

Consider overwhelming force to neutralize threats promptly before they grow out of control. Swift and decisive force that ends an encounter may ultimately be less force, with less risk and less harm, than a play by play clash that escalates to uncontrollable levels.

ALL SP are to receive ethics training.

Designated SP marksmen, specialist drivers, technicians and equipment operators are to receive special ethics training.

All CS are to receive and _to conduct_ ethics training, and are obligated to enforce these rules. Failure to enforce by any RT or SF supervisor, or any CS, shall be treated as complicity in misconduct.

No rule or procedure, including these Rules of Engagement, is to considered greater than the obligation to protect affiliate lives from serious harm. Accordingly, any Company affiliate or employee may take ~any~ action necessary to save affiliate life. Investigation will follow and the actor will either be exonerated or harshly disciplined.

Addendums, in the present emergency:

Due to lack of access to medical care, supplies and medicines, a threat of serious bodily harm shall be treated as deadly force.

Force may be used to eject trespassers, with force rising in proportion to resistance.

Company property is a 'no hostage' zone. Signage to this effect is posted and all visitors are to be informed. Persons taken hostage will be considered already dead, murdered by their captors, and SP will take all action to end the continuing threat without regard to the (pre)deceased. NO DOOR, LOCK OR GATE WILL BE OPENED FOR CAPTORS HOLDING HOSTAGES UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Experience has shown that the only result is greater loss of life.

RT personnel may not resign their position on RT _during_ an emergency situation, but may do so at any other time.


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