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Dateline September 2019, Canadian Broadcast Service.

Cascadian troops augmented by Norteamericano militia and a battalion of Canadian Rangers have retaken Redding from US government forces and altright irregulars today. American forces retreated in good order down Interstate 5, destroying several key bridges and laying mines.

Canadian Red Cross reports a humanitarian crisis in the city with over 500,000 people, many refugees from the investment of the Bay Area and Sacramento by US forces, suffering from famine. No food had been brought in for over a month, and camps were low priority under American rationing. "Unless large supplies of food are brought in soon, casualties could exceed the Bakersfield Famine in 2018," stated the Red Cross representative. The Bakersfield famine killed over fifty thousand people, mostly immigrant women and children, and helped propel Mexico into the three front war.

The US military governor of California, General Bateman, reached by Skype at his base in Yuba City, confirmed that there had been "logistics difficulties" but that he would not lift the No Fly zone over Northern California for any reason, even humanitarian relief.

"We have seen how Norte and Mexican terrorists use any opportunity to smuggle weapons and evacuate terrorist wounded," he stated before suddenly disconnecting.

Canadian Rangers state off the record that they are continuing to document war crimes committed by altright forces, especially in and around internment and resettlement centers. They have been unable to take any altright militia members prisoner.

We are getting troubling, unconfirmed reports that both Norteamericano and altright forces continue to beat, rob and abuse refugees, although there have been no mass killings since the June Massacre in San Luis Obispo and the retaliatory use of nerve gas by the United States in Tijuana.

A United Nations charge 'd affairs has been sent to Seattle to discuss diplomatic recognition of Cascadia, which would allow for the deployment of UN peacekeeping troops on the still troubled border.

From Redding, this is Sara Brooks with CBC.


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