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It was a foggy afternoon in March.

This saved a lot of lives.

As best can be determined from the size and shape of the craters and shock waves, satellite and ballistic trajectory tracking, and the performance of the weapons employed, and US Navy sonar tracking data, a single Chinese SSBN (ballistic missile nuclear submarine) launched four 800 kiloton nuclear weapons at the San Francisco Bay Area.

The reason is unknown. The launching submarine received the personalized attention of a nearby US nuclear attack sub tracking it, to the tune of eight torpedoes, as soon as the sonar shack realized she was launching.

This probably also saved many lives, because the attacker carried twelve JL-2 ballistic missiles, each believed to have a yield between 250 kilotons and 1 megaton. Some of them may have been MIRVs, or multiple (3-4) warheads of 90 kilotons each.

The first weapon airburst at 300 meters above UN Plaza (between the Library and Civic Center) at 1:30 PM on a Tuesday afternoon. Four hundred thousand people lost their lives in sixty seconds. The weapon annihilated Market Street, devastated San Francisco, collapsed all freeways and bridges, destroyed or severely damaged every hospital (except the VA Medical Center near the Presidio) and almost every fire station. Every wood frame building in line of sight would have been on fire, except that the fog reflected and absorbed some of the thermal pulse.

The second weapon airburst three minutes later at 300 meters above San Francisco International Airport's main terminal building. Another one hundred and fifty thousand people lost their lives within a minute after that. South San Francisco, Burlingame, San Mateo, Foster City and points in between were obliterated.

This weapon did start a nuclear forest fire in the hills above San Bruno. Only by the most heroic efforts was the conflagration stopped from progressing further south, amid the wreckage of San Mateo.

No effort was made - or possible - to keep it from spreading north into Daly City and the San Francisco watershed. With all power out and all domestic water supply severed, San Francisco fought the greatest fire of its history - by far exceeding the Great Fire of the 1906 Earthquake - with six fire engines, two fire boats, sea water, and the contents of a handful of surviving underground cisterns.

They lost.

That two hundred thousand San Franciscans survived to be evacuated by an ad hoc effort by boats, ferries, yachts . . . anything that floated . . . is considered the greatest miracle of evacuation since World War II at Dunkirk. However, over half would die of cancer and other radiation injuries within the next two years.

Weirdly, due to both topography and accident of circular geometry, a triangle shaped patch of Daly City west of Highway 280, between the Daly City BART station and Westlake Shopping Center, was unharmed. At first. Literally trapped between fires in a high radiation area, the nominal survivors died of radiation exposure within 48 hours. Scratch another fifty thousand.

The third weapon detonated another three minutes later in open ocean about eight kilometers west of Pescadero, California. Two fishing vessels were destroyed, numerous people on shore were temporarily blinded, and the flash started a forest fire that was ultimately extinguished two weeks later. Fallout from this ocean strike was insignificant. It is believed that this weapon malfunctioned and that it was targeted somewhere between Menlo Park and Mountain View, California - Facebook, Google or Moffett Field military airport.

The fourth weapon was targeted inland and was swiftly engaged by theater anti-ballistic missile defenses from bases in Nevada and Utah. It crashed in rugged terrain outside Livermore, ironically near several sensitive US government facilities, and did not detonate. Based on ballistic trajectory it is believed to have been targeted on Folsom Dam east of Sacramento.

America's retaliation was swift and decisive.

In the next forty-eight hours, over one thousand nuclear weapons were launched from ICBMs, nuclear ballistic submarines, Naval strike aircraft from carrier battle groups, long range bombers, and a Fractional Orbital Bombardment System (in gross violation of the Outer Space Treaty).

The number of Chinese casualties will never be known but is believed to exceed eight hundred million.

In other words, America killed at a ratio of over one thousand to one in retaliation.

Immediately, American power projection forces - aircraft, ships, Marines, Army paratroops followed by conventional soldiers - raced to strike all throughout China. They made no effort to interfere with or to replace local government, if any. Their goal was to destroy all nuclear capable facilities, sites, forces, and command and control facilities and capabilities, as swiftly as humanly possible.

Another hundred nuclear weapons were used as 'called shots' on facilities that could not be immediately overwhelmed by more conventional means. Most of these were air bursts to minimize fallout, but some were 'penetrator' weapons used against deep bunkers such as Hohhot in the Yinshan Mountains well north of Beijing (which itself was worthy of no less than 30 weapons in the first twenty-four hours).

The use of nuclear arms only ceased when scientists warned that further atmospheric fallout would so badly contaminate the Western Pacific as to permanently affect the viability of the world's largest ocean ...


[The page is torn across at this point]



1) We don't care why they did it. They did it, that's enough. No more of this 'we will never know the reason.'

2) The US does not violate treaties. There is no "Outer Space Treaty." Remove references to it.

3) The nuclear retaliation for China's sneak attack was completely justified. Comments even vaguely critical are to be redacted. Implying that there is something wrong with the ratio is unacceptable. Gook lives are worthless. Drop the number.

4) Environmental concerns are also to be redacted. We know. We don't care.

5) Punch up the horror and pathos of the San Francisco sneak attack. Make it more personal. Mention names of people who died. Mention what they were doing when they were murdered. Example: "The air traffic controller at SFO barely had time to call out 'FLASH' on the North American Air Defense Command net before being blinded by the first strike. Blinded and bleeding, he never had time to realize what killed him three minutes later."


Major John Pritchard, US Military Press Liaison
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