May. 12th, 2017

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Welcome to Drewkitty's Fiction Page.

All of these works are copyright 1984-2017 by [Drewkitty].* All are ordered from Oldest | More Recent | Most Recent.

Itty Bitty Bigger World | utopian

A glittering Utopia and the last would be Tyrant. And Alan was there, too. #And so was a KittenBot! Mew!#

BART Rage | Kittenbot: To The Rescue! | BART Rage (cont)

Guardians of the Emirate | religious space opera

Trapped between vicious interstellar empires, low on technology, high on Inshallah... and the Emir's last best hope for the survival of his people is a Guardian. If she survives.

A Guardian of the Emirate | ... [to be linked] ... in the shelter, after Ayers Rock | Missile Bait

Globall War of Terror | dystopian

In post Firecracker America, we are all united by one thing. Fear. And divided by nothing. Or else.

Door to Door Inferno | Pink Terror | Equal & Opposite Critical Analysis | A Day At The Races | Shopping Trip | Week One | In The Breach | Solicitors | Connection Lost | Connection Restored | Reality Check | RESERVED | Firecracker Day | Fallout | Day Off | Package Delivery | A Tiny Problem | RT & SF ROE | 5150 Post SF | Rolling Hot | Forever Young | Slow Roll | Hanged Man

Proven By The Body | Post 7 | Convoy Operation

Bruce Anders | modernist

The street builds nothing up. It only grinds down.

| Happy Christmas

Down The Rabbit Hole | surreal

Versions of reality sharing a common character.

2012: Future Imperfect | 2013: Door to Door Inferno [also GWOT] | 2014: Pile It On | 2015: Log of the _Blue Oyster_ | 2016: Atrocity Day | 2017: Lifeboat

2011 & earlier: links to be migrated

2005: Proven By The Body

Miscellaneous Fiction | oddball

Too good to be true.

Teasers | Scary: A Litterbox Story |
News From The Future [Cascadian border, 2019] | Democracy Fixfic | Meeting With Mohammad

Non Fiction | the biggest lies of all

Too bad it's true.

HIatus | Still Out There [Election 2016] | #operativelivesmatter

* He doesn't like to have to get out his real name here. Don't make him. But if you have to, you can reach him at his u$3rnam3 aaht Ye Olde Goog!3 Ma!l.


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